Nat King Cole – I Keep Goin' Back To Joe's Lyrics


I keep goin’ back to joe’s

To that table in the corner,

Sippin’ wine and staring at the door.

Our old waiter knows we’re through,

Still he sets a place for you

Everything the way it was before.

I keep goin’ back to joe’s,

But the man who plays piano

Never plays your favorite melody.

Joe keeps busy at the bar,

Never asks me where you are.

He was there when you walked out on me.

Now I pray you’ll walk back in,

And you’ll say what fools we’ve been,

And we’ll celebrate a happy new beginning.

Chances are you’ll never show,

But you’ll know just where to find me

Every night until it’s time to close.

Just in case you miss me, too,

I’ll be there to welcome you.

That’s why I keep going back…

That’s why I keep goin’ back…

To joe’s.

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